Tax Accounting

Its mission is to deal with the activities of issuing invoices, as well as generating of taxes.

It is up to the Tax department

To organize sales, purchases or services invoices. As well as the bookkeeping of tax ledgers, tax
calculation, fulfillment of tax obligations, besides informing and updating the legal procedures to be
To guide the company, with clarity and objectivity, on the best cost x benefit of the tax possibilities, using
our knowledge and experience on the legislation in favor of our clients.

  • Incoming, Outgoing and Service Taxes
  • Determination of ICMS, IPI
  • Inventory (Stock)
  • Fiscal documents
  • Follow-up and Clarification on ECF Legislation (Fiscal Coupon Issuer)
  • Survey of ICMS Credits that were not appropriated
  • Full Bookkeeping by Data Processing and SPED
  • Issue of ICMS, DARF, GIA and ISS payment slips
  • Process of transfer of accumulated credits
  • State and Federal debt statement
  • Follow-up of Federal, State and Municipal Inspection