Aneel Socio-environmental Report

Assistance in the implementation of ANEEL’s new socio-environmental guide. The new guide requires that grantees monitor and report socio-environmental aspects periodically. The objective is to assist in the effective and assertive implementation of the new guide.

Sustainability Report

Assistance in the development of a sustainability report based on international methodologies such as GRI. The objective is to assist in the implementation of methodologies and also in the process of developing the report.

Integrated Report

Assistance in the implementation of integrated reporting guidelines. In view of the need for organization and maturity of processes, we tailor our services. The objective is to assist the organization in its diagnosis and implementation until the monitoring of the results obtained.

Product life cycle analysis

Assistance in mapping the life cycle of the product and/or service in order to analyze its socio-environmental impact and future profitability. Means of minimizing socio-environmental impacts are objectively pointed out in the mapping.

Emissions inventory

Execution of the emissions inventory according to the customer’s needs. Under the new regulations, organizations that monitor their emissions can have competitive advantages over the long term.