Management Consulting

Supply Chain Advisory

Understanding of the customer’s value chain and its positioning in the market. Advice with the objective
of maximizing results and reducing costs. We apply our experience aiming to manage business more

Strategic Sourcing

Review of key procurement processes focused on reducing Total Cost of Ownership, taking into
consideration not only the purchase costs but the lowest cost possible for the entire organization.

Evaluation and management of costs

Review of training processes and cost calculation, focusing on total visibility of company costs.
Evaluation of cost management tools and assistance in the generation of reports and managerial analyzes.

Management by processes and internal controls

Survey of each business’ main risks. Formalization of the main controls to be implemented to mitigate
these risks.

Management by Indicators

Survey of the main indicators used in the company and preparation of a list of indicators to be
implemented. Supervision of the implementation of the indicators and their analysis routine.

Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP)

Implementation of a supervision process for the organization as a whole, involving all areas of the
company seeking decision making based on the best result for the business.

Corporate Governance

Implementation of a corporate governance practice appropriate to the type of business and the scenario
where the company is located. The governance model will be formalized and supported by our team.

Strategic Planning

Management follow-up, focused on obtaining information and indicators for better decision-making.
Establishment of a long-term planning routine, raising the main risks and opportunities of the sector,
aligned with the objectives of each company.

Shared Service Center

Evaluation of the services provided in the organization, aiming to increase the quality and the speed in its
execution. Search for synergy between the main services provided and evaluation of the best practices for
each company.