Consumption, Retail and Wholesale

The explosion of online shopping channels in recent years that allow marketers and retailers to access consumers in an extremely cost effective way unparalleled by traditional attendees. Established international brands undoubtedly benefit from this global reach to grow brand recognition. At the top of this market, we have seen a number of acquisitions and mergers.

Opportunities for lesser-known brands and new businesses to flourish also exist and, while disposable income is limited, public confidence in online consumerism has grown which has allowed young brands to insert themselves in the market. Online channels have also allowed access to emerging markets, and NK works with many retail organizations to help this effect. Member firms can also assist in negotiation and regulatory compliance. Our global reach can present customers with local suppliers and distributors.

We will also work in partnership with clients to give business analysis and risk management accurate assessments while also providing help in acquiring financing when needed.