NK recognizes the difficult market conditions in the agricultural sector today. Higher fuel and animal feed costs are only part of the pressure that agriculture is enduring. The trend that sees agricultural concerns continue to increase in size puts steady pressure on the owner manager in this industry.

We at NK are experienced in dealing with the problems faced by both smaller and larger operators. For smaller companies, we understand the pressure you have to endure to simply survive and that can play a role in optimizing day to day operations with you. Let’s talk about how you can improve the economy ona large scale, whether it is through acquisitions or forming local cooperatives.

The challenges are similar for larger operators. We can help you decide or acquire smaller farms or be acquired by a cooperative.

Global demand for food is expected to increase steadily over the next ten years. Therefore, I believe that although the restructuring process will continue within the industry, there is opportunity to expand in the expanding national and international context.