Why outsource or hire a consultant?

Here we analyze the Workforce component related to the activities of your company:


It takes up 100% of an asset available in your organization.


It has a reduced percentage of resource use in addition to having high maintenance costs, requires training
and constant recycling.

By hiring a consulting firm, highly specialized resources can be used to the exact extent of your need, at
reduced costs with a high success rate.

reduced costs with a high success rate.
Other factors can still be considered for hiring a consultant:

Strategy, confidentiality, availability, and especially market experience.

The NK consultancy is coordinated by professionals who have solid knowledge in their fields and a lot of
experience in various markets. A team concerned with the pursuit of excellence and prepared to provide
a perfect and personalized service.

The Management of NK ASSESSORIA CONTÁBIL E FISCAL identifies, determines, establishes, and
maintains the infrastructure necessary to achieve compliance with product requirements.